5 Killer Content Ideas Businesses Can Immediately Implement to Spice Up Their Social Media

23 April 2020

Is your business finding it hard to get attention on Social Media? Are you frustrated with constantly posting about your business, but still not getting the traction you want?If your answer to those questions are yes, here’s 5 Killer Content Ideas that your business can Immediately Implement to spice up your Social Media.

1) Share Your Story

Every business has a story to tell.

More often than not, it's a business's story that captivates potential clients and drives them to find out more.

Sharing your business's story is a great way to get social media content on your pages.

You can share your story in an "about" section, a blog, or...you can make it interesting.

Perhaps even create a photo or video series that slowly reveal the story of how your business came to be.

Be creative!

2) Client Testimonials

If you’re doing well in your business, you’ll most likely have some recurring clients that love your product or service.

Let others know! Get them to be a testament & share what they like about your business.

It provides credibility that may just inspire other potential clients to check out what you’re doing.

Even better, build detailed case studies with your best clients which can really help with future leads & sales.

3) Host a Contest

People love contests.

Holding contests not only provides your business with great social media content, it also engages your customers and expands your reach.

You can hold contests in a number of ways on ANY social media platform.

Take SGAG for example, they are doing a ‘stay home’ contest where people can film a funny video from home, & win $150.

You can pick any number of winners for your contest & they can receive a discount, or even a free product.

So host contests, because they are definitely:

  • Engaging
  • Fun
  • Outreaching

4) Host a Poll

Most social media platforms allow you to post polls or ask questions in status updates.

On Facebook, you can post a poll or ask a question right from the status editor.

On Instagram, you can post polls and ask questions from within Instagram Stories.

These polls and question boxes are great ways to efficiently gather a lot of customer feedback, which is incredibly important to a growing business.

Or… you can even ask something fun that is relevant to your niche to increase engagement with your audience.

5) Get Creative With Trending Topics/Hashtags

Social media is known for its ability to group people who have common interests, often reflected in hashtags.

Hashtags (usually look something like #InfinaCo) are clickable tags that group specific content together.

When you click on a particular hashtag, you'll see everyone's posts that use that hashtag.

They're a great type of content to spice up your business’s social media & increase engagement.

Certain hashtags are quite popular and will likely help your business get a lot of engagement.

Here are some examples:


#TBT (i.e, Throw Back Thursday)


Sharing a #PicOfTheDay will allow your business to keep up with regular social media content, therefore improving engagement.

Sharing a #TBT to an event or social media post from your business is fun for the audience because people like reflecting on the past.

Sharing a #Repost, maybe of another user's content that tags your business or shares something about your business, will show people that they could make an appearance on your page if they engage with your business.

Using hashtags in your content will widen your reach dramatically, helping you improve your engagement & generate more leads.

That’s it, 5 simple yet killer content ideas that you can implement in your business TODAY & spice up your social media!

Hope this article has been helpful. Let us know what other interesting ideas you’ve implemented in your social media content!