15 April 2020

With the majority of consumers basing their purchasing decision on the perceived value they see of brands on the internet, it's ever more important to build your business/personal brand authority AND nurture prospect/customer relationships the right way.

The way to do so is to deliver consistent, genuine value to your prospect audience first, giving before expecting to receive. This is what content marketing is for.

However, coming up with good content all the time can be something business owners and marketeers struggle with.

To help you with this, we have come up with 3 tested and proven leading questions to ask yourself to spark off ideas for your content creation:

Q1) What is my ideal customer researching for, before they decide to buy my product or service?

As we already know, marketing is more about putting ourselves in the customers' shoes, thinking what they could be thinking, and then bringing out the angles of our product/service that will appeal to them; versus selfishly vomiting out to them all the positive features and benefits WE feel is good.

Q2) What is the primary pain point of my ideal customer?

Customers purchase goods and services to solve specific pain points they have. Hence, content should be built around explicitly addressing these pain points in a way that resonates with the customers.

3) What are the objections my ideal customer will have in relation to buying my product/service/authority?

Here's an example of how this plays out. REI is a company that sells outdoor adventure equipment and gadgets one of which being mountain bikes. In this specific example, it's REI electric mountain bike.

A possible objection from a customer that's sitting on the fence could be that they do not know if they can even ride their electric mountain bikes around; hence this article comes in timely to address their concerns beforehand.

Hope this article has given you some useful ideas on the type of content to post to attract and convert your target prospects.

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